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The Komodo Tours Indonesia is the window to glimpse the wonderful Flores and Komodo. It allows you to see the extremely beautiful and memorable Flores and Komodo, Its nature and people. The Komodo Island Tours is one of the highly recommended company based in Labuan Bajo – Flores, Indonesia. A friend who assist and help you to discover the greatness of Flores and Komodo. The Komodo Island Tours organizes the Flores Overland tour, Komodo trip and Komodo diving in which you get in touch with its people and nature. Komodo Island Tours was developed to accommodate visitors who want to spend their vacation in Komodo Island. Here are some tourist packages we suggest if you would like to visit Komodo dragon Lizard and witness its wild life firsthand.

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Komodo Dragon Tours

Komodo Island Tours is local online tour operator where we can arrange your holiday in Komodo and Flores Island by provided tour with Komodo Island Tours Driver and Guide. The beautiful Komodo and Flores Island consisting of images and stories about people, Nature, Culture, art and performance, Floresnese ceremonies, Komodo and floresnese daily life, Komodo and Flores Beaches, the largest living Lizard in the planet komodo dragon (varanus komodoeansis) Under water panoramic komodo national park and Komodo Island Tours able to share the beauty and uniqueness of Komodo and Flores Island.
It's so happy if people from different countries knows what Komodo and Flores Likes, we want to showing Komodo and Flores to people around the world so they know Komodo and Flores island is Realy Beauty and Unique. That's why we are set up this online tour and we wish this online program is useful when you want to visit Komodo and Flores Island, and we are from Komodo Island Tours always ready to help you and as your friend to explore Komodo and Flores island. Available Komodo and Flores tour service from Dragon Island Tours are: Komodo Dragon Tours, Komodo Dragon diving tours, Komodo dragon combinations culture tours, Komodo dragon combinations flores overlandtours, Car charter and many other activities during your holiday in Komodo and Flores. please sit comfortably and Enjoy going through of our web pages. Komodo Island Tours is a Local Tour operator service in Komodo Flores and Travel Guide site which manage by original Flonesnese people. The website has been designed with you in the mind. We do hope the information contained will help you to find your way arround Komodo and Flores Island.

Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard offers a broad range of Indonesian Liveaboards vessels to accommodate everyone’s budget and comfort request. Komodo Liveaboards Boat List Index will give you a short description of these Liveaboards, from the Liveaboards Boat List page you can then select the best Komodo Liveaboards to suit your needs. So follow the links to some of the finest Liveaboards you will find anywhere in Indonesia.

You can save yourself hours of planning your Komodo Liveaboard Program right here. Just select which Komodo Liveaboard Program you preferred and best suits your needs, then Contact Us with your questions about the Liveaboard or your trip to Indonesia in general. As Southeast Asia's premier Komodo & Raja Ampat Liveaboard specialist we are experts at matching your needs to Liveaboards, so let our team of specialist help you with your selection of a world class Komodo Liveaboards safari. If you don't see exactly what you’re looking for in a Liveaboard on our website, Please Contact Komodo Liveaboards Tell us what you like and we will make a personalized itinerary for you including all internal flights & transportation.

Komodo Island And National Park

Our purpose today is to see the Komodo Dragon. This largest living lizard on earth lives on 3 islands Rinca, Padar Island & Komodo and some parts of West Flores. Its length can go up to 3 meters with weight of up to 90 kilo. 

On our visit to Komodo island (Loh Liang) we walk ( 1 ½ hours ), through unspoiled nature, together with English Speaking Guide and local KNP Ranger in search of the Komodo dragons. During your visit also wild buffalo, deer, pigs and various species of tropical birds like the cockatoo can be seen. Return to Loh Liang. Here some time to see the stalls with souvenirs by the local people. Continue by boarding a local boat to visit the secluded village of “Kampung Komodo”. Little is known of the early history of the Komodo islanders, they were subjects of the Sultanate of Bima, although the island’s remoteness from Bima meant they were probably little troubled by the Sultanate other than by occasional demand for tribute. The remoteness of “Kampung Komodo” means that it is well behind your every day run of the mill village, especially with regards to the infrastructure, medication and education. You will have the opportunity to meet the people and see the way they live and visit the school (if open). Lunch on board. Then to Pantai Merah (Pink Beach), this is one of the famous destinations in Komodo National Park, supported by its pinkish sandy beach, amazing underwater marine life and stunning panorama views of the area. Relax on the beach or snorkel in the crystal clear water. Snorkeling gear provided on board. Return to the jetty of Loh Liang where the tenders of your cruise ship will return you for boarding.

Wae Rebo Traditional Village

Wae Rebo is an old Manggaraian village, situated in pleasant, isolated mountain scenery. The village offers visitors a unique opportunity to see authentic Manggarai housing and to experience the everyday life of the local community. In the village of Wae Rebo, visitors can see mbaru niang – traditional, circular cone-shaped houses with very unique architecture. Nowadays, it is still a place to hold meetings, rituals and Sunday-morning prayers together.
The village can only be reached by way of a three-hour hike (depending on your physical condition) from the lowlands. The hike is definitely worth the effort: the dense rain forest along the narrow path to Wae Rebo is one of a stunning biological diversity. Not only does it host interesting vegetation, including orchids, palms, and different ferns, but also an impressive population of singing birds.
Wae Rebo Village is a traditional village at west part of Flores, Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Timur. It is located in between two mountains, which is about 1200 meters above sea level.  There are 7 traditional houses made from wood, all with a rope-bundle construction in this village. These traditional houses make this village impressive and unique. The community in this village make their houses themselves, all with very natural sources from the jungle. The culture of local community as the main attraction. Their culture related to the nature, belief sytem, local tradition/custom, and social life.

Komodo Flores Tour

Komodo Flores Tour is the tourism company who managed and supported by professional teams of young Flores people who have been involved of the tourism activities since 2005. We are committed and dedicated to provide the best services to all visitors or customers and keep up long term relationships with them. Along the way, we received recognition for our work or service.

We provide the complete fun trip packages & tourist information, sightseeing information, boat charter, car rental in Flores and Komodo Island and other related information to facilitate the visitors plan to visit the beautiful Flores & Komodo Island as a seven wonders of nature in the world. We offer every assistance which may be needed by our customers in order to make their trips more memorable.

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Kelimutu Tours & Travel

Kelimutu National Park is the smallest national park of six National Parks in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Here there are three lakes located on top of Mount Kelimutu, three lakes have the same name and popularly known as the Lake Kelimutu. Each lake has colors and their meanings. The three lakes are believed to be the abode of spirits and also believed to have a very powerful force of nature. To reach the lake, you can start from Moni, a small town which is the backpacker.

Scientifically discoloration Kelimutu is a factor of mineral deposits, moss and rocks in the crater and also the influence of sunlight. Scientists believe that the lake was formed from volcano eruptions in ancient times. Kelimutu Lake is part of the Kelimutu National Park . The highest point of the park is located at 5.679 feet Kelibara mountain (1.731 meters) and Mount Kelimutu feet or as high as 5.544 (1.690 meters). Kelimutu National Park is home to around 19 species of endangered birds.

Local people believe that the lake is where the souls of the dead rest. Kelimutu area surrounded by forests that covered a variety of plants that are rarely found elsewhere on Flores. Besides pine trees, there are also ferns, plant genus Casuarina, redwood and edelweiss flowers.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is an island in Komodo National Park as a sanctuary of Komodo Dragons, the biggest reptiles in the world. Furthermore, it is one of the famous islands among 17,508 islands in Indonesia protecting the biggest lizard on Earth. Meanwhile, the island is particularly as the habitat of the Komodo Dragons. Therefore, the name of the island is just coming from this animal. Komodo Island is just around 390 square kilometers with a human population of over two thousands. The local people are descendants of former convicts who were exiled to the island as well as who have mixed with Bugis from Sulawesi. In addition, the island is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of the the national park. Nowadays, this island is a popular island as a tourist destination in Indonesia as well as a place to discover the dragons.

The stories of a dragon existing in the region circulated widely and attracted considerable attention. Nevertheless, no one visit the island to check the story until official interest was sparked in the early 1910s by stories from Dutch sailors based in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province about a mysterious creature. Furthermore, the creature was allegedly a dragon which inhabited a small island in the Lesser Sunda Islands. And then, the Dutch sailors reported that the creature measured up to seven meters in length with a large body and mouth which constantly spat fire. Afterward, Lieutenant Steyn van Hensbroek, an official of the Dutch Colonial Administration in Flores, planned a trip to Komodo Island. Finally, he armed himself with a team of soldiers accompany him and landed successfully. Afterwards, Hensbroek managed to kill one of the lizards.

Van Hensbroek took the dragon to headquarters where measurements were taken. It was approximately 2.1 meters long, with a shape very similar to that of a lizard. Furthermore, some samples photographed by Peter A Ouwens, the Director of the Zoological Museum and Botanical Gardens in Bogor, Java. From the record of Ouwens made is the first reliable documentation of the details about what is now called the Komodo dragon? Moreover, Ouwens was keen to obtain additional samples. Therefore, he recruited hunters who killed two dragons measuring 3.1 meters and 3.35 meters as well as capturing two pups, each measuring less than one meter. Ouwens had successfully carried out studies on the samples and concluded that the Komodo dragon was not a flame-thrower but was a type of monitor lizard. This research results were published in 1912. Afterward, Ouwens give the name of this giant lizard as Varanus komodoensis.

The Island is perfectly as a habitat of the wild giant lizard, Komodo Dragons. It is because, Komodo Island is well featured by the wide savanna where other faunas are also living together in this island. The other faunas are living in this island such as Javan deer, water buffalo, banded pigs, civets, cockatoo and macaques. Therefore, Komodo Dragon Tours are the exciting Komodo Tour Packages encouraging you to this island and discover these fauna.